Jan Früchtl Product Designer at BRYTER


This is a recent collection of projects I've worked on. The range goes across different industries and covers web-based applications as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Some of these projects also cover work on internal design systems that supported these projects. More details on these specific design systems are included in various case studies. You can always find more work I was involved in on Dribbble or GitHub.

Advance VAT Return

FastBill – Web

Example screen for the Advance VAT Return project.

Motus Warehouse

REICHHART digital logistics – Web

Example screen for the Motus Warehouse project.


Hackathon – iOS

Example screen for the Acto project.

Motus Scanner

REICHHART digital logistics – Android

Example screen for the Motus Scanner project.

  • Podlove Web Player

    The Podlove Web Player is an optimized open-source podcast player based on Vue. In mid-2018, I joined the team and started contributing concepts and visual design to improve the experience of this player. The first release I've supported with ideas and designs was the redesign of the file tab. Shortly after that, I contributed some tweaks to the audio tab. View the source on GitHub.

  • Sparv

    Sparv was a web service with the goal of making the lives for personal trainers and their clients more comfortable. Together with a friend, we focused on building an early prototype that tried to solve the needs of personal trainers. We developed the first version in Node and Vue. Because of some changes in both our lives, we stopped the project in early 2018 and open-sourced the current status of this project. View the source on GitHub or some designs on Dribbble.