Jan Früchtl Product Designer at BRYTER

Designing for heavy keyboard usage

I’m currently working on a concept which focuses heavily on keyboard usage. The goals are clearly defined - every instance that comes into the system needs to be edited as fast as possible. We are focusing on advanced users with a need for speed and throughput. Possible solutions to this problem are shortcuts or workflows that heavily rely on keyboard usage, because when it comes to fast editing, you don't want your users to click every shine button or embrace that long and fancy animation you've created. It's all about intuitively solving this specific problem of speed and throughput.

Up until now, I've never really had the chance to invest a lot of time into such a concept, and it seems like a whole new world to me. There are a lot of good examples like Things or Slack that invest massively into such workflows. Besides these great examples, there is also a lot of excellent documentation from companies like Microsoft or Apple. These documentations give great insights into some platform-specific limitations which I also need to keep in mind while designing a web-based product.

The following list features some resources I came across over my initial research phase:

I'm still figuring out the details of the concept I'm currently working on. Maybe I can share some more information about my reasoning and decision making that went into my concept in the future. But for now, I still need to figure that out myself.