Jan Früchtl Product Designer at BRYTER


I am a designer and developer currently working as a Product Designer at BRYTER. I live and work in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Besides my day work, I also consult small and medium businesses on design and web problems. Additionally, I work on different side projects.

At BRYTER, which is a no-code platform for decision automation, I mostly work on building up our component-based design system visually as well as from a code perspective.

In my spare time, I also work on different passion and open source projects. These projects differ in size, audience and time investment and include things like podcast production, contribution to an open source podcast player, development of iOS applications or possible product ideas I work on with friends. The thing I enjoy the most about these different challenges and opportunities is the diversity of problems that occur during the life-span of such projects. These activities keep me energized, help me grow and uncover unknown view-points to different problems.


Personally, I love almost nothing as much as a good conversation or discussions about an exciting topic. If you'd like to talk to me about a specific subject or nearly anything, feel free to email me.

You can also find me on different popular social media platforms. Sometimes I share my thoughts on Twitter, preferably Mastodon or post visual content on Dribbble.

I also love the open web and blogging, so you can also visit my own little blog and ditch all these social media platforms.